Partner Organisations, Affiliated Associations & Working Groups


AAI (Austrian Aeronautics Industry Group), Austria : This Austrian non-profit association was founded in 1999. It represents the common interests of its members, namely the Austrian companies and organisations with business or research activities in the aeronautics/supply/industry, as well as in the sector of aircraft maintenance & service.



ACUO (Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc.)  : A national not for profit association first started in 2009 and formally registered in Queensland on the 31 March 2010.The association is bound by a Constitution to:
– Protect the interests of CASA Certified UAV Operators
– Establish the association as a responsible authority and;
– Promote the growth and expansion of the commercial UAS industry in Australia
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AERPAS (Asociación Española de RPA) :The Spanish national association dedicated to the promotion of RPAS.


ARPAS, UK  : The national UK association of RPAS operators employing RPAS with a mass of less than 20 kg. Its objectives are: a) the organisation, representation, promotion and encouragement of flying & operation of small RPAS; b) to assist and guide company members; c) to promote the collaboration between members and the co-operation with National Aviation Authorities or other government departments; d) to produce, collect and distribute information in connection with RPAS; e) to encourage and support research relative to RPAS; f) to establish and support, financially or otherwise or aid in the establishment and support of any educational scheme or establishment with benefit to the small RPAS operating community.



ASSORPAS (Associazione Italiana per i Light RPAS) : the first Italian Association created to aggregate companies in the field of small unmanned aircraft (micro and mini RPAS).
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BeUAS, Belgium (Belgian Unmanned Aircraft System Association) : This association isset up todefend the interests ofcivilaviationunmanned.The threekey words areinformation,education andconsultation.BeUASbuilta positive image,which should allowthe industry tothrive.
Actions points :
– maximum safety
– A joint position in the sector
– Fair competition
– Positive image for the sector
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DARPAS, Netherlands : The objective of the association is to promote the interests of members engaged in research and development, production, use, service and applications RPAS in the Netherlands.
Many topics are discussed:
– Developing laws and regulations on UAVs
– Flying in controlled airspace (CTRs)
– Flight preparation and site assessment
– Insurance
– Promoting safety
– Training and Certificates
– Exemptions and permits
– Airworthiness and maintenance
– operational restrictions
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EuroSDR (formerly OEEPE) is a pan-European organisation established by International Treaty, as OEEPE, in 1953 in Paris in accordance with a recommendaion passed by the Council of the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation, The spatial data research interests of European countries are represented through the membership in EuroSDR of national organisations from their production and research sectors.
EuroSDR is a not-for-profit organisation linking National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies with Research Institutes and Universities in Europe for the purpose of applied research in spatial data provision, management and delivery. The result is a network of delegates, from European Geographic Information organisations and research institutes, effectively and practically addressing Europe’s spatial data research requirements.



SAPRITALIA is a non-profit association consisting of instructors, pilots and flight dispatchers. It develops educational activities, training courses for civil professional drone operators and remote pilots and supplies consulting services for the preparation and the maintenance of the operation manuals.
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UAS Denmark, Denmark: This a national working group that brings together the national RPAS value chain and addresses national Danish RPAS related matters under the guidance of the Hans Christian Anderson airport.


UAS Norway : established in January 2008 as the national UAS organization of Norway.
The organization is non-profit and independent, open to all private and public businesses and organizations related to unmanned aircraft.
The main areas of activity for UAS-Norway are to:
– Represent the UAS community of Norway.
– Promote a UAS policy that are in line with Norwegian UAS industry and operators.
– Suggest national UAS related committees for Norway.
– Promote Norwegian UAS industry and operators interests in international forums.
– Establish UAS-Norway as a natural consultation body in UAS-related matters
– Promote and participate in rule development in co-operation with national and international organizations and authorities.
– Coordinate UAS activities with the national aviation authorities (CAA) and with ATC (AVINOR), and other other airspace users.
– Promote the knowledge about UAS, their usage and benefits.
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UAV DACH, Germany : German speaking group for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Its objectives are:
– Introduction of  UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System)  in civil airspace
– Evaluation of approval-relevant technologies, specification of research requirements, e.g. sense & avoid, data links, etc.
– Certifiability of required technologies
– Forum for manufacturer and users
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