AAI_Austria_Logo_CMJN_150x85_300   AAI – Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group Austria www.aaig.at National RPAS Association
 acentis    Acentiss GmbH  Germany www.acentiss.de Research & Development & Consulting
 ACL_Process    ACL Process France www.aclprocess.fr Manufacturer
 ACUO_Logo_CMJN_10x10_300dpi    ACUO – Australian Certified UAV Operators Australia www.acuo.org.au National RPAS Association
 Aerial-Group_Aerialtronics   Aerial Group B. V. – Aerialtronics Netherlands www.aerialtronics.com Manufacturer
 aeroscoot_ch_1    Aeroscout Switzerland www.aeroscout.ch Manufacturer
 AERPAS ES logo CMJN 15x5,49 300  AERPAS (Asociación Española de RPA) Spain www.aerpas.es National RPAS association
 Aerovironment    AeroVironment USA www.avinc.com Manufacturer
 aerrobotix_logo_icon    aerRobotix Italy www.aerrobotix.com Manufacturer
 Aerosurveillance    Aerosurveillance France www.aerosurveillance.com Operator & Manufacturer
 AERPAS_ES_logo    AERPAS Spain www.aerpas.es National RPAS Association
 Amsterdam_University_of_Applied_Sciences    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Netherlands www.international.hva.nl University
 anse   Aero-Nautic Services & Engineering France www.a-nse.com Manufacturer
 Airbus_logo  Airbus  France  airbusdefenceandspace.com  Manufacturer
 airinov   Airinov France www.airinov.fr/ Manufacturer
 airware   Airware USA www.airware.com/ Manufacturer
 logo_altus_lsa  Altus LSA  Greece, Crete  www.altus-lsa.com Manufacturer
 ampyx   Ampyx Power Netherlands www.ampyxpower.com Manufacturer
 APANT-3  APANT (Associação Portuguesa de Aeronaves Não Tripuladas) Portugal www.apant.pt  National RPAS Association
 loapevant_3   Apevant Peru www.apevant.org National RPAS Association
 arpasHK   Arpas HK Hong Kong www.arpashk.com National RPAS Association
 ARPAS-UK_transparent   ARPAS UK UK www.arpas.co.uk National RPAS Association
 ARPASA_logo   ARPASA – Association RPAS Argentina Argentina www.arpasa.com.ar National RPAS Association
 artccolombia   ARTC Colombia Colombia www.artccolombia.org Association
 ASD_logo  Airspacedrone  France www.airspacedrone.com Corporation
 AUEV    AUEV Technology France www.video-drone-surveillance.com Manufacturer
 logoAuroraUAV  Aurora UAV Technology  China  www.a-uav.com
 ASSORPAS_Italy_logo_CMJN_7x3_300dpi   ASSORPAS Italy www.assorpas.it Partner Organisation
 Astech   ASTech Paris Région France www.pole-astech.org Regional Association
 Aviation_design    Aviation Design France www.aviation-design.fr Manufacturer
 avtech_sweden    AVTECH Sweden www.avtech.aero Manufacturer
 aviationlearn_pte_ltd    Aviationlearn Pte Ltd Singapore http://www.aviationlearn.com
 azur-drones     Azur Drones France www.azurdrones.com Operator
 baseline_survey_2    Baseline Surveys Ireland www.avioconsys.com Operator
 logo_BHO_120  BHO Legal  Germany  www.bho-legal.com  Lawyer
 Be-UAS_Belgium     BeUAS Belgium www.beuas.be National RPAS Association
 logo-reverse  Bird & bird  UK  www.twobirds.com Lawyer
 blacklight-uas-logo    Blacklight UAS Sweden www.blacklight-uas.com/ Manufacturer
 Blyenburgh_and_Co    Blyenburgh & Co France www.uvs-info.com Consulting
 BTULogo_deutsch_grau    B-Tu  Germany www.b-tu.de University
 byggcontrol    Byyg Control AS Norway www.byggcontrol.no Manufacturer & Operator
 Airbus_Logo_small   Cassidian Airborne Solutions Germany cassidian-airborne.com Manufacturer
 catec_logo   Catec Spain www.catec.aero
 C-Astral    C-Astral Slovenia c-astral.com Manufacturer
 Chuguev-Aircraft-Repair-Pla    Chuguev Aircraft Repair Plant Russian Fed. charz.com.ua Manufacturer
 logo_workfly   Civic Drone France www.civicdrone.fr Manufacturer
 SFCD_CH_CMJN_12x5,03_300  Civildrone  Switzerland www.civil-drones.ch National RPAS Association
 chcon_logo  ChCone  Germany www.de.chcon.de  Systems
 Clear_Flight_Solution    Clear Flight Solutions Netherlands clearflightsolutions.com Manufacturer
 Colibrex_Logo_jpg_01    Colibrex GmbH Germany www.colibrex.com Operator
 cuaasalogow.    CUAASA South Africa www.cuaasa.org National RPAS Association
    CURPAS Germany innovationsforum-unbemannte-flugsysteme.de National Association
 Cybaero    CybAero Sweden www.cybaero.se Manufacturer
 DARPAS_Netherlands    DARPAS Netherlands www.darpas.nl National RPAS Association
 deep_blue    Deep Blue SRL Netherlands www.dblue.it Consultancy
 Delair-Tech    Delair-Tech France www.delair-tech.com Manufacturer
 delta-drone-logo-big    Delta Drone France www.deltadrone.com Manufacturer
     Design Bureau Watt-Conversion Russian Fed. www.watt-conversion.ru Manufacturer
 dji     DJI China www.dji.com Manufacturer
 Drones-Center    Drones-Center France www.drones-center.fr Flight Crew Training
 logo.droneport.color   Droneport Belgium www.droneport.eu Test and Business centre
 DST_Control    DST Control Sweden www.dst.se Manufacturer
 photonic    DVS Ltd – Photonic Science UK www.photonic-science.com Scientific Detector System
 easc    EASC European Aviation Security Center Germany www.easc-ev.org Services
 ejk-banner-14    EJ Krause USA www.ejkrause.com Services
 Elbit_systems    Elbit Systems Israel www.elbitsystems.com Manufacturer
 ESG_Elektrik_System_und_Logistik    ESG Elektrik System und Logistik Germany www.esg.de Services
 EUKA_Enabling_2017  EUKA Belgium  www.euka.org Community
 EC_logo3 EuroConsult France  www.euroconsult-ec.com Consulting
 eurousc_italy    Euro USC Italia Italy www.eurousc-italia.it Association
 eurousc    European Unmanned Systems Centre United Kingdom www.eurousc.com Qualified Entity
 Evolving_Systems_Consultant_S.R.O    Evolving Systems Consultant S.R.O. Czech Republic www.czechict.cz Regional Association
 eyeaero   EYE.AERO www.eye.aero Manufacturer
 escaerospacelogo  ESC Aerospace  Germany www.esc-aerospace.com Project management
 FPDC_FR_Logo    FPDC (Fédération Professionnelle de Drone Civil) France www.federation-drone.org National RPAS Association
 FH_JOANNEUM_GmbH    FH JOANNEUM GmbH France www.fh-joanneum.at University
 fiapr   FIAPR – Federazione Italiana Aeromobil a Pilotaggio Remoto Italy www.fiapr.it Partner Organisation
 trafi    Finnish Transport Safety Agency Finland www.trafi.fi National Aviation Authority
 Flight_Plus     Flight Plus Belgium www.flightplus.aero Aviation Consultancy
 flybot      Flybot Belgium www.flybot.be Operator
 flying_robot    Flying Robots Switzerland www.flying-robots.com Manufacturer
 flynex    Flynex Germany www.flynex.de
 General-Atomics-Aeronautical-Systems    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems USA www.ga-asi.com Manufacturer
 groupe-intra    GIE INTRA France www.groupe-intra.com Operator
 Global-Aerospace    Global Aerospace Underwriting Managers Ltd France www.global-aero.com Services – Insurance
 Harpia-Tech    Harpia Tech S.A. Portugal www.harpia.pt Manufacturer
 higheye    HighEye B.V. Netherlands www.higheye.nl Manufacturer
 honeywell    Honeywell International USA www.honeywell.com Manufacturer
 iabg-logo    IABG Germany www.iabg.de Manufacturer
 israel_aerospace_logo    Israel Aerospace Industries Israel www.iai.co.il Manufacturer
 john_heath     John Heath United Kingdom johnheath.com Insurance
JUIDA_JP_logo_CMKN_15x5,61_300   JUIDA Japan  Japan uas-japan.org National RPAS association
 Ite_kit    ITE /KIT Germany www.ite.uni-karlsruhe.de University
 Ixion-Industry-and-Aerospace    Ixion Industry and Aerospace Spain www.ixion.es Manufacturer
 Jalal-Johari-Consultants    Jalal Johari Consultants Malaysia www.jalalconsults.com Consulting
 JHUNewSquare   Johns Hopkins University USA www.jhu.edu University
 kalscott_logo    KalScott Engineering Inc. USA www.kalscott.com Operator
 Korea-Drone-Association_logo_CMJN_8c7,53_250   KDAA  South Korea www.kdaa.org National RPAS Association
 KVE    Kok & van Engelen Composite Structures BV Netherlands www.kve.nl Manufacturer
 LFRG_Australia_logo_April12_CMJN_90x19_300dpi    LFRG International Australia thebusinessofuas.com Consulting
 Larpas_vk.cdr   LARPAS  Latvia www.larpas.lv National RPAS Association
 Limbach_Flugmotoren    Limbach Flugmotoren Germany www.limflug.de Manufacturer
 Matis    MATIS Deutschland GmbH Germany de.matis-group.com Operator
 masa-ltd    MASA Ltd United Kingdom www.masaltd.com Operator
 Mavinci_web    MAVinci Germany www.mavinci.de Manufacturer
 Microflown-AVISA    Microflown AVISA Netherlands microflown-avisa.com Manufacturer
 mirumir     Mirumir Italy mirumir.it
 MTSI    Modern technology Solutions USA www.mtsi-va.com Manufacturer
   Neyzen S.A. Spain www.vamosalla.com Film operator
 Nitrofirex    Nitrofirex S.L. Spain www.nitrofirex.com Manufacturer
 logo_nokia   Nokia Finland www.nokia.com Manufacturer
 Novadem    Novadem France www.novadem.com Manufacturer
 Onairpro    Onairpro Ltd Greece www.onairpro.gr Operator
 online.no    Online Norway  www.online.no
 Padina_Group    Padina Group USA thepadinagroup.com Consulting
 Patria    Patria Aviation Finland www.patria.fi Manufacturer
 pilgrim_logo  Pilgrim  France www.pilgrim-technology.com Manufacturer
 prox-dynamics    Prox Dynamics Norway www.proxdynamics.com Manufacturer
 quotec    Quotec Switzerland www.quotec.ch Service provider
 logo_relmatech  Relmatech  UK www.relmatech.com
   Resource Unmanned Aircraft Systems United Kingdom resourcegroup.co.uk Consulting
 Robonic    Robonic Finland www.robonic.fi Manufacturer
 Robot-Aviation    Robot Aviation Norway www.robotaviation.com Manufacturer
 Royal-Military-Academy    Royal Military Academy Belgium www.rma.ac.be University
 rpas_finland    RPAS Finland Finland http://www.rpas.fi/ Association
 Ruag-Aerospace    RUAG Aerospace Switzerland www.ruag.com Manufacturer
 Sapritalia_Italy_logo_CMJN_10x10_300dpi    SAPRITALIA Italy www.sapritalia.com National RPAS Association
 SBSL_PL_logo_CMJN_5x5_200  SBSL Stowarzyszenie Bezzałogowe Systemy Latające  Poland  www.sbsl.pl National RPAS association
 Schiebel    Schiebel Austria www.schiebel.net Manufacturer
 LogoSeleneAvocats-Site2-300x229   Selene Avocats  France  www.selene-avocats.fr Lawyer
 sensefly    SenseFly Ltd Switzerland www.sensefly.com Manufacturer
 sensilize    Sensilize Israel www.sensilize.com Manufacturer
 SG_concept    SG Concepts GmbH Austria www.sgconcepts.at Manufacturer
 logo_sgs   SGS USA USA  www.sgs.com Services
 sharper shape   Sharper Shape Finland sharpershape.com Services
 simicon    Simicon Germany www.simicon.de Manufacturer
 Singular_Aircraft    Singular Aircraft Spain www.singularaircraft.com Manufacturer
 Sistemi_Dinamici    Sistemi Dinamici Italy www.idscorporation.com Manufacturer
 Sky-Futures    Sky-Futures United Kingdom www.sky-futures.com Operator
 Skyline    Skyline Srls Italy www.skylinesrls.com Operator
 Sig Aviation  The Netherlands  www.sigaviation.net
 logo_skynet  Skynet  Belgium  www.skynet.be  Web Portal
 Squadrone-System_FR_logo_CMJN_12x8,48_300    Squadrone System
France www.squadrone-system.com
   STIC Consulting Germany Consulting
 SVZD_CH_CMJN_12x5,03_300    Swiss Federation of Civil Drones Switzerland www.civil-drones.ch Partner Organization
 swiss-uav    Swiss UAV Switzerland www.swiss-uav.com Manufacturer
 terabee     Terabee France www.terabee.com Operator
 Thales     Thales UK United Kingdom www.thalesgroup.com Manufacturer
 Tianjin_Aurora_UAV_Technology    Tianjin Aurora UAV Technology China www.a-uav.com Manufacturer
 TNO    TNO Defence, Security and Safety Netherlands www.tno.nl Research & Development & Consulting
 _1lfPVZl_400x400   Trilateral  UK trilateralresearch.com  Consultancy
 Gatewing_trimble    Trimble Navigation USA www.uas.trimble.com Manufacturer
 Tsagi    TsAGI (Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute) Russian Fed. www.tsagi.com Research & Development & Certification
 UAS_Denmark    UAS Denmark Denmark www.uasdenmark.dk National RPAS Association
 3-0-UAS-Norway    UAS Norway Norway www.uasnorway.no National RPAS Association
 UAS-Sweden_SE_logo    UAS Sweden Sweden www.uassweden.org National RPAS Association
 Skribblevorlage.ai    UAV DACH e.V. Germany www.uavdach.org National RPAS Association
 UAVA_CZ_logo_CMJN_5x5,75_250   UAVA  Czech Republic www.uava.cz National RPAS Association
 UniFly_logo    Unifly Aero Belgium www.unifly.aero Manufacturer
 use   Universal Satellite Engineering France www.usat.mobi Manufacturer
 uavs   Unmanned Aerial Vehicule Sytems Association UK www.uavs.org National RPAS Association
 UAAI-LOGO    Unmanned Association of Ireland Ireland uaai.ie National RPAS Association
 University-of-Twente    University of Twente Netherland www.utwente.nl University
 Unmanned-Solutions    Unmanned Solutions Spain www.usol.es Manufacturer
unmanned-system-canada    Unmanned Systems Canada, Canada Canada www.unmannedsystems.ca  National RPAS Association
 UVS-Romania_RO_logo_CMJN_15x3_300    UVS ROMANIA Romania www.uvsr.org National RPAS Association
 HomepageLogo@2x  Verifly USA www.verifly.com Insurance
 logo_vito  Vito  Belgium www.vito.be
 volz-servos    Volz Servos Germany www.volz-servos.com Manufacturer
 V-Tol-Aerospace    V-TOL Aerospace Australia www.v-tol.com Research & Development
 VTOL-Technologies    VTOL Technologies United Kingdom vtol-technologies.com Manufacturer
 wecontrol-logo    weControl Switzerland www.wecontrol.ch Manufacturer
 workfly    Workfly France www.workfly.fr Manufacturer
 XUTAI-Technology_2    XUTAI Technology China xutaikeji.com




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